Robotics & Product Development

Startled Marmot has extensive experience working with robotic and embedded systems for the medical, education, and entertainment industries.

We specialize in taking a product from conceptualization through production. With access to the best electromechanical, microprocessor, and software engineers in the United States and beyond, we work only with tightly screened outside teams and experts to ensure confidentiality and the highest quality of work.


One major hassle with product development: how much over budget is this going to get?

Our answer: none. Our estimates, broken down into logical discreet chunks allow you to plan for any eventuality. And if a product can’t be done on-time or on-budget, you will know as soon as we do. No charges for “extra work needed” or “surprises.” It’s what we say, period. You can track all phases of the product development from this website.


Our operation is totally transparent to you. One thing we pride ourselves on is letting you know what and where we stand in regards to all parts of the project: time-frame, parts, subcontractor costs, etc… Anything you want to know, you can. We understand that building trust takes time, so we’re more than ready to hear from you every day until you can believe in us!

Know as much or as as little as you like – we take care of the rest.

Conceptualization -> Market

Startled Marmot has taken products through every stage of the product cycle – from initial strategic consultations on the market viability of a product through manufacturing and distribution. We are fully aware of the many snags and pitfalls that accompany product development — and we will make you aware, as well.