VoIP & Asterisk PBX

The world of VoIP is confusing – do you need the reliability of hosted solution, or do you require the flexibility of having your own free in-house AVR (Automated Voice Response) with an unlimtied number of phones and comparability?

If you’re tired of spending money on a legacy PBX system that doesn’t fit all your needs, then we’re here to help. Asterisk can run on as little as a cable modem and an old PC!

Make VoIP Work For You

There are many different options in the VoIP market now, and often times providers don’t want you to know all your options. That’s why we are here. We’ve installed VoIP and the Asterisk PBX system at numerous production locations, and we’re exciting to help you find the best solution.

Will It Work Where I Live?

We’ve have worked with clients in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle to help set up Asterisk PBX hardware and software. We can build you a SIP system from the ground up, or leverage your existing hardware and internet connection. It all depends on your needs!

How Do I Get Started?

Feel free to give us a call today at 310-439-9990 and we will help walk you through what you may need. We’ll never call back with sales pitches or other offers; your call to us is strictly confidential and won’t be used in any other manner. After talking with us, we’re sure you’ll call back!