Strategic Consulting

Perhaps you’re having questions about technology – whether a particular solution is right for your company, or whether a product is technically feasible. We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to tell you; and we won’t hold back.

Hypothetical Case Study 1: A Toaster Revolution

BreadCo comes to Startled Marmot with a revolutionary idea of how to build an intelligent toaster. Being big fans of toasting ourselves, we accept and begin to examine all aspects of toaster construction and design. Within a week, we come back to the client and present an overview of the toaster landscape and, since it is absolutely possible, a specific plan to build the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence toaster. The client is free to use our services to help build the A.I.T., or go elsewhere as they please.

Hypothetical Case Study 2: Moving On Up

SmallCorp is moving offices – and is almost tripling their staff! They’re concerned that the file server system they used before, a Mac mini stuffed into the cleaning closet, isn’t going to hold for the larger group.

They want to know what equipment they’ll need, what the space should contain, and how they can get it for the cheapest price possible. Startled Marmot does discovery: going to the new office site, talking with the employees to figure out their specific needs, and returns to SmallCorp to tell them exactly how to proceed. If they like, they can use Startled Marmot to do all the work for them – from wiring to purchasing. No job is too big, no job is too small!

Hypothetical Case Study 3: Getting The Word Out

The Whoozit Gallery is opening a new show in a few weeks – both displaying and selling the wonders of Whoozit art. Fortunately, they have worked with Startled Marmot LLC previously to build a database of all their clients and purchases. Now they want us to help them reach potential new customers and design a campaign to do so. Having worked with them before, Startled Marmot is able to rapidly turn around and give them specific advise to their target demographic – potential Whoozit art aficionados.