Network Administration & Maintenance

Who wants to spend all day worrying about fixing printer drivers, monitoring servers, or installing software updates? Why, we do!

For small-to-medium businesses, there is nothing more frustrating than a broken computer system. Spending hours on hold with foreign tech supports lines isn’t a lot of fun (for most people). That’s why we are here: instead of wasting your time, you tell us the problem and we fix it. Simple. Easy.


It’s 12:30pm on a hectic day and you’re rushing around trying to finish off a CAD drawing for a client.

Suddenly, everything starts to fall apart. Maybe you can’t import something correctly, and the file becomes corrupt. You did back up, didn’t you? Maybe the large-format printer down the hall is just spewing garbage. Perhaps the website just won’t let you upload the file to give to your client, and your email is seizing up for no good reason – possibly because you spilled milk on the router. Again.

We’ve all been there. And we will all be there again.

An Ounce of Prevention

Most problems with technology can be avoided with the right maintenance. That can be anything from implementing a fault-tolerant backup scheme that is simple to use, or watching the press releases to know that Adobe just released new drivers to improve stability – these are the things that can keep a business on its toes, not limping with a broken heel.

We actively think about your company and what it needs. Sometimes, that is nothing. Sometimes, you may not even know you needed it until you have it (thanks TiVo)!

When It Finally Hits The Fan

Of course, there will always be catastrophic problems – when everything goes wrong at once. And this is where it helps to have people with knowledge, background, and the determination to get you fixed now.

By the way, if you do spill anything on a piece of technology – unplug it and wash it thoroughly under the sink, then let it completely dry out for a few days. You might be surprised.