How Startled Marmot Can Help You

Startled Marmot LLC is a consulting group based of Santa Monica, California with offices in Boston and Seattle. Our goal is to remove the hassle of technology and replace it with a sense of freedom – the freedom to do what you love without worry.

We Deal In Technology

Startled Marmot is available for any technology contract – we hire vetted experts on a project-by-project basis to guarantee a perfect fit. We hand-select the best and brightest, many with advanced degrees. In the past, we’ve employed:

Mathematicians | Geophysicists | Graphic Designers | Electromechanical Engineers | Science Journalists | Management Consultants | Landscape Architects | Flash Media Artists | Grafitti Artists | Actors | Programming Teams

Why Startled Marmot – I Found Somebody Cheaper On Craigslist

Yep, I bet they are. Money is always tight and we understand the idea of shopping around. But how do you know who to trust; who will give you the best for your money? There goes a saying:

“In any project, there are three things you want to be: on budget, on time, and on specification. Pick two.”

We believe this saying illustrates an important point – a miscalculation in any of those three things and your project can turn into a fiasco. Cheaper companies often cut hidden corners, leaving you short without you knowing it.

With Startled Marmot, you get complete transparency with regards to your money and time. We have no overheard so we aren’t charging you for somebody else’s time. Each expert is hired for a specific project. We don’t hide anything, and you can drill down as deeply into your project as you like – you can track the progress of your project from this very website.

We know how fast we can work – and we’ll tell you upfront. No sugar coating, no surprises, no promises that can’t be fulfilled. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Or if you just want to sit back and wait, we’ll work quietly and deliver a final product. The choice is yours.